Alan Semok Ph.D (honoris causa)


updated on 12 July  2017


Alan’s background includes live theatre, film, television,  standup comedy, commercials and promos, and both character and straight voiceover work.

(An avid homebrewer since 1971,  he also brews a damned fine,  classic Burton Old Stock Ale)



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Alan’s list of credits as a puppetry and ventriloquism  consultant for television,  stage, and film projects includes several television series,  commercials, and motion pictures,   as well as coaching and adbisory work for  Academy Award winning actors Adrien Brody and Kevin Spacey , and director Tim Robbins.

  In May 2007, Alan was presented with an honorary Ph.D in Fine Arts from Buena Vista University in Iowa.

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Actor, voice artist, pianist, composer, writer, and sculptor based in the greater New York City area. 

Alan as he has appeared as EBENEZER SCROOGE   as a guest artist  for twelve seasons¨since 1994 in Phillip Wm. McKinley’s original musical adaptation of A CHRISTMAS CAROL