If you are a film/TV production company or Ad Agency we offer a variety of services relating to production.  Our experience includes technical advisory services and consulting, coaching/teaching of ventriloquial technique (using our own unique, effective, and proven method), as well as puppet rentals, or custom design and construction of puppets of all types especially  for your project.

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Special Technical Advisor


Consultant to the Entertainment Industry

From the feature film DUMMY, directed by Greg Pritikin  and released by Artisan Entertainment/Lion's Gate.

Alan Semok (The Dummy Doctor) was chosen by the film’s producers and director to instruct Academy Award winner ADRIEN BRODY in preparation for his portrayal in the feature film, "DUMMY".   Alan successfully taught Adrien the art of puppet manipulation and ventriloquism in something approaching record time...so successfully that Adrien performed all of his ventriloquism and puppetry "live on set" with no physical or vocal "stunt doubles" and no ADR !

...and many other companies, servings as an advisor for commercial, feature film, television, documentary,  and educational projects...

Conan O'Brien (left) re-creates a vintage TV Guide cover with 1950's TV icon Howdy Doody.  The exact replica Howdy Doody puppet was built by Alan Semok, and operated by him for the shoot  (Alan can be seen behind Howdy in the photo on the right).

BILL MURRAY and friend...

from the film CRADLE WILL ROCK

directed by Tim Robbins

Released by Touchstone Pictures

Special Ventriloquist advisors for the production were  Alan Semok and Todd Stockman.  Alan Semok built 6 precise and artistically authentic reproductions of an antique ventriloquist dummy for use in the production, on a three week contract deadline.

Our internationally recognized expertise in all things ventriloquial will bring extra authenticity to your production or portrayal  (performance, historical perspective, performance styles, technical instruction and advisory, and we can even supply puppets from our ready stock, or puppets built to your project specifications)

LEFT:  Winona Ryder and Eugene (an Alan Semok creation) as “Gary The Dummy”  in a romantic interlude in the 2007 David Wain film comedy, THE TEN (ThinkFilm/City Lights Pictures)

“I don’t think I could have done this role  without

your awsome instruction...Thanks Alan!”

--Adrien Brody, NY, June 2000

“(Eugene) did a great job of having sex with Winona Ryder”

--Matt Munn (art director for THE TEN, as quoted in the NY Times),  2008

“Thanks Alan, for your great work.  Your  ‘can do’  attitude was much appreciated as was the way you handled, without hesitation, every unexpected task we threw at you and most importantly,  you did it ON DEADLINE. 

--Amy Herman (production manager CRADLE WILL ROCK, on behalf of director Tim Robbins)

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Yale Repertory Theatre

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Trigger Street Prod. (Kevin Spacey)

Jigsaw Productions, NY

Charles Ludlam

Ridiculous Theatre Company, NYC Tribune Broadcasting

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FOX Broadcasting

ITV (U.K.)

Carousel Television

George Street Playhouse

Johnson & Johnson


City Lights Pictures

Quadrant Entertainment, NY

Elegant Films/Miramax

Smithsonian Magazine

Signature Theatre Company, NY

The Today Show

Good Morning America

The Chicago Tribune

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TV Guide

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The New York Times

Roy Clark Productions

Sandoz Pharmaceuticals


Montivagus Productions

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Video Odyssey

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Grey Advertising

TV Today

Our projects have included work for:

RIGHT:  actor Michael Ziegfeld as “Harlan Swallow” and  Eugene  as “Gary The Dummy”  in the 2007 David Wain film comedy, THE TEN (ThinkFilm/City Lights Pictures)

KEVIN SPACEY with  “Mr. Higgins”

from the short film THE VENTRILOQUIST

directed by Benjamin Leavitt

Produced by Trigger Street Productions in association with Jameson First Shot

Alan Semok served as special technical consultant  for this film, created  the classic styled dummy for use in the production,  and along with Michael Ziegfeld provided coaching for Mr. Spacey in preparation for his portrayal.