---JOE handles the lead vocal duties and bass guitar on this one,  with Al on piano, organ, and  some mercifully hidden background vocals.. The rest of the sound mainly consists of our band at the time, PILGRUM (Bob Agrillo (drums), Robert Warren Smith (percussion/harmonica), and Gene Antol (guitar).

Most of this track was recorded in December 1973 and January 1974 in the basement of Al’s parents home in Fords, NJ.

The main backing tracks were recorded using a comical array of mismatched and improperly grounded equipment, held together by duct tape (and wishful thinking).  A primitive kind of four-track recording setup was achieved by running two Roberts/Akai stereo reel-to-reel tape decks in tandem.    A new vocal track was added to the recording around 1979, with a proper completed mix  actually not finally done until 1994. 


(live recording)


--- AL  handles the lead vocal duties on this one, recorded live at the Cabaret Theatre at Douglas College (Rutgers University).  The show was recorded  using a  borrowed Dokorder four-track reel-to-reel machine, in the spring of 1976. 

That original tape was subesquently buried in a box  and remained in hiding through three residence moves; the multitrack recording made on the day actually wasn’t even mixed until the late 90’s!  The mix presented here is a new one,  made in January 2012 from the original 4-track elements recorded in 1976.

---No, it’s not the song you heard on the radio (but we did have the title first!)


--Joe handles the lead vocal duties, seven string bass guitar, and some guitar synth effects on this one,  with Al contributing piano,  synthesizer, an orchestral arrangement, and background vocals.

This is one of the new songs, written and recorded in the spring of 2011.  It  was made possible by modern technology, with Joe recording  his parts in Anaheim, California and Al recording his  in his home studio in Somerset,  NJ. 

The entire collaboration was done via email , telephone, and file transfer   over the internet.

(This arrangement and the mix presented here are still something of a work in progress)



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©℗1973 - 2017   Alan Semok & Joe Barbarotta


Currently in the final stages of session recording and preliminary mixing is the long promised album of songs by Joe Barbarotta and Alan Semok, with the working title “FISHFACE” .

This 18 song collection (on CD and for download)  spans  nearly 42 years, with songs and recordings made from 1971 to the present featuring Alan on keyboards and vocals, and Joe on bass guitar and vocals.  It also features  a number of guest musicians "sitting in" for the proceedings and helping to perform an eclectic mix of original songs (Al and Joe have  been compared to everybody from Little Feat , to Procol Harum, to a drunken bar band)

Also included are vintage live recordings from the early/mid 1970’s,  when the duo had a bit of a following in the Rutgers University area.

The collection has been released (or has escaped) in various forms over the years and this new version will be available in a limited edition CD  and via download, with much new material added, on the AEOLIPILE label. 

And it's almost finished!    



photo: Alan Semok and Joe Barbarotta in the studio circa 1974

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--On this relatively ancient track, Al does both lead and harmony vocals s well as piano, and orchestral arrangement duites  (via sampling synth)  with Joe playing bass guitar.

The  dates listed for this one are not a joke. 

This song was  originally ‘premiered’ in a production of the Cabaret Theatre Society at Rutgers University in 1974 (which was then under the auspices of the Douglass College theatre department) . 

Five years later,  in 1979, for this  rendition,  Al and Joe  went to Ziggy Rodberg’s  Waverley West Recording Studio in Edison  NJ and recorded the  basic piano, bass, and vocasl, as well as  some synth keyboard tracks.


Life got in the way for a while , but  finally 15 years later  (with the original tapes having sustained some deterioration in storage) , Al  eventully digitally repaired the original  session tape  and at that time  also arranged and recorded some new orchestral treatments in his home studio.  The retro sounding  Hammond organ track was also added at that time.

Finally in 2010,  after a few more  years of neglect, Al laid in his new vocal tracks and also enlisted the help of  ace guitarists C.J. Sciosa and Joe Fishcetti for some added colors.  After an admittedly  absurd 33 year procrastination,  the track is finally complete. 


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